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Finally here! The ultra-modern voice translator Vasco Translator M3!

Many have long awaited this device. From now on, fluent conversations with literally anyone in the world will no longer be impossible. Make new friends and keep in touch with your acquaintances or business partners without any obstacles or misunderstandings. With Vasco Translator M3, both the extraordinary and everyday moments of your life will become easier.

Vasco Translator M3 is a pocket-sized speech translator, so you can always bring it with you anywhere you go. It is intuitive, simple and quick to operate. With the ability to accurately translate over 70 languages, it allows you to communicate with up to 90% of the world’s population. The translation itself takes only 0.5 second, while its accuracy, thanks to the use of six different translation engines, is as high as 96%. Vasco Translator M3 comes with a built-in SIM card for free lifetime internet access. It works in nearly 200 countries and does not require any external internet source such as Wi-Fi.

Vasco Translator M3 is equipped with two microphones and powerful speakers, designed carefully so that your translations are clear and audible even in noisy environments. The powerful battery – when fully charged – lets the device wait in standby-mode for up to 180 hours.

TranslaCall – phone calls translator. This is a unique feature, not available otherwise on the market. With TranslaCall, you will be able to conduct phone calls with people speaking any of the 40 supported languages. The only thing you need to do is to place Vasco Translator M3 next to your phone, turn on its speaker, choose the language you want to translate into and make a call. It is a perfect solution especially nowadays, when many meetings must be held at a distance.

Speak More Languages Now

MultiTalk – meetings & conferences translator. This is a long sought solution for communication problems quite often encountered at international conferences or during online meetings. It also allows for simultaneous translations into several languages, making it possible for up to 100 persons speaking different languages to participate in the same meeting at the same time. Forget stressful public speaking situations, now you only need to focus on the subject matter, and let Vasco Translator M3 take care of your audience.

PhotoTranslator – now you can easily translate any printed text! Be it a restaurant menu, airport sign or product description at a store. Simply take a photo of it with the built-in camera and Vasco Translator M3 will translate whatever is written there into a language you understand. You are only seconds away from understanding anything you wish!

Vasco Translator M3 instant translation device is your chance to fully understand the world around you and actively participate in whatever situation you find yourself in. Leave any language obstacles holding you back behind you, and start making new friends and realize your potential at work. Vasco Translator M3 will inspire you to broaden your horizons and push you to achieve more, now that you have a personal language assistant in your pocket!

Check its potential for yourself! Order the Vasco Translator M3 real time translation device right now and talk to people around the globe in more than 70 languages!

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