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At this year’s IFA, our Vasco stand has attracted many attendants.

Vasco Electronics at IFA Berlin 2022

This year, we had an opportunity to take part in the IFA Berlin tech show. It was a wonderful time when we could connect with other participants and tell them more about Vasco Translator M3 and V4

What is IFA Berlin?

IFA 2022 has launched after 3 years of pandemic absence

It’s the world’s largest trade expo for consumer and home electronics, where new products are being introduced. It’s widely considered to be the primary marketplace for important retailers, buyers, industry insiders, and media specialists.

Speak More Languages Now

IFA Berlin made a comeback after 3 years on 3-6 September, and with a strong audience too. Despite the ongoing lockdowns in some regions of Asia, over 80% of the floor space was occupied by attending exhibitors. Tech show has attracted more than 161,000 people during these days and over 2,500 journalists.

Our part in IFA Berlin 2022

A woman with bright hair holds Vasco Translator while talking with a man with glasses

Good news greeted us from the very beginning, when we arrived at the Berlin Messe. It turned out that our booth was located just opposite the entrance, near brands such as Huawei. This allowed us to count on a really large flow of people who approached our booth with genuine interest. 

These were busy days. We answered many questions, presented the functionalities of our translators and, as a result, talked in many languages: Arabic, Farsi, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech and even Swahili to name a few.

Our devices attracted both individual customers and businesses. We are extremely pleased that, once again, we had an opportunity to present the usability of the Vasco Translator M3 and V4 internationally. 

We believe that many businesses and public services can benefit from our devices to make their work easier and more efficient. As the motto of IFA Berlin is development and progress even in difficult times, we fit in with this mission.   

What’s in the future?

Two people talking to each other thanks to Vasco Translator V4 in our Vasco booth

More fairs await us in the future. We will already be attending the GITEX 2022 show in Dubai on October 10-14. This is another opportunity to present our latest devices to the world and expand business contacts. 

It’s a really busy time ahead of us, but we’re welcoming it with open arms. We have a lot to share with the world, and the positive feedback from IFA Berlin has only strengthened this sentiment within us. We hope to bring such good news from the next GITEX show, too!  

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