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A graphic promoting Vasco Electronics’ win at the NY Product Design Awards that includes the device, the statuette and the awards’ logo.

Vasco Electronics with the NY Product Design Awards statuette!

We are proud to announce that Vasco Electronics was honored with the New York Product Design Awards statuette. Vasco Translator M3 won in the “Communication Technology” category, proving once again that this device is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is, however, not the only accolade for the best voice translation out there — earlier this year, Vasco Translator M3 won the Red Dot Design Award, which is widely recognized as the “Oscar of the design.” But that’s a digression — let’s get back to the New York Product Design Awards.

So, what exactly is the New York Product Design Awards? The competition was established to promote creative designers and their work, which makes our everyday lives so much easier, owing to practical and ingenious solutions and creations. The NY Product Design Awards categories include Industrial Design, Medical Equipment, Fashion, Transportation, Packaging Design, Lighting Design, Conceptual Design, and Furniture Design. Communication Technology is one of the subcategories.

Speak More Languages Now

A graphic displaying the logo of the New York Product Design Awards competition.


Despite fierce competition, Vasco Electronics landed a victory in the form of a Silver award in the Communication Technology category thanks to Vasco Translator M3. Our flagship product is a pearl in the crown consisting of the best translator devices. It offers over 70 languages, free lifetime internet in nearly 200 countries and other cutting-edge functionalities, such as photo and phone-call translations. Thanks to our verbal translator, you’ll be able to translate voice and understand, in addition to being understood by the vast majority of the world’s population — 90% as a matter of fact! By taking advantage of this handheld translator, you won’t have to suffer due to the necessity of carrying heavy dictionaries, phrase books and other unwieldy tools, while on holidays in a foreign country.

 Two people who speak different languages talking with each other with the help of Vasco Translator M3.


In addition to the functionalities listed above, Vasco Translator M3 also boasts ergonomic and pocket-fitting design. Furthermore, the device comes in 6 different colors so that you can choose a device that is specifically tailored to your own sense of beauty as well as to your character. When it comes to the usage, both Vasco Translator M3 and its predecessor, Vasco Mini 2, are intuitive to use and display a simple-to-operate user interface. So, even if using modern technology is not your favorite activity due to all the struggles with additional apps and various installations, we guarantee you that Vasco Translator M3 will keep the burden of working out modern apps away from you. The device is ready to run out-of-the-box — the SIM card is already inside, and you don’t have to install any additional software.

Being awarded with the New York Product Design Awards statuette is a big honor and motivating recognition of one’s hard work. Our mission is to make people talk and understand each other — while doing so, we strive to make our devices as accessible as possible, in order to make multilingual conversations way easier. The NY Product Design award proves that these goals are being achieved in a beautiful and remarkable way.

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