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Multitalk app

Multilingual-conversation made easy

The MultiTalk App is the first app for multilingual group conversations. Use it to communicate in 105 languages with up to 100 people. It gives you native-like pronunciation and 96% translation accuracy. MultiTalk is the perfect solution for international business conferences.

Ever found yourself nodding along at a business conference? What if your contribution is critical when you’re working with colleagues from abroad? If you can’t keep up or there’s a miscommunication, do you risk causing a failure? Or, worst case, will you have to move to Tulsa like Chandler? I guess we’ve all been there!

Remote meetings that span continents aren’t a dream about the future. They’re a modern reality! Now, real-time translation for multilingual meetings is only a click away. The solution is the MultiTalk App!

Speak More Languages Now

The MultiTalk App, offered by Vasco Electronics, connects up to 100 people. With it, every participant has a seamless conversation in real-time. The app translates 105 languages with native-like pronunciation.

It works with Vasco Translator Premium 5 or any Android smartphone. In three simple steps, you get fast and accurate translations:

    1. Download the App for free from Google Play.


    1. Create or join a conversation using a QR code or PIN. Invite up to 100 people into the chat.


  1. Speak (or type) freely in your own language. Your message translates to everyone simultaneously. It plays or displays on each participant’s screen, in their language.

MultiTalk uses five of the world’s leading translation-engines to achieve 96% accuracy. It interprets the nuances of local slang, punctuation, and professional jargon. Okay, once in a while, it makes a small mistake, but don’t we all?

“We’ve essentially created something that has never been done before – a solution that enables millions of people to run international businesses easily, and we plan to continue to improve it,” says the CEO, Maciej Goralski.

Vasco Electronics dedicated this app to supporting entrepreneurs in any industry. But, anyone who enjoys chatting with friends and family around the world will love it too. If everyone’s in the same room, you can switch off the speakers, so you don’t disturb each other.

It’s a valuable tool that breaks down language barriers. It supports communication and knowledge-sharing within different cultural, social, and commercial contexts.

Use MultiTalk on the Vasco Translator Premium 5. Or download the app for Android smartphones. It has a free limited option with no charge for up to 2,500 characters translated monthly. The paid version, at 24,99 zł, increases it to 35,000 characters.

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