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Vasco Electronics at the “Healthy brain and memory day” conference

Jiri Maikusiak, our Marketing Specialist for Czech Republic, has participated in an online science conference called “Healthy Brain and Memory Day”. The online meeting was a part of the Brain Awareness Week held by Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization from New York, whose goal is to advance understanding of the brain in health through numerous research grants and public outreach.

The “Healthy Brain and Memory Day” conference was held on November 29, 2021. Jiri prepared an presentation about our company and the Vasco translators for a group of passionate specialists who are especially interested in speech and the brain. During the meeting, the representatives of the Faculty of Information from Prague (Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT v Praze) also mentioned our cutting-edge voice translator as a part of their talk on speech and technology.

Healthy Brain and Memory Day

As mentioned above, the “Healthy Brain and Memory Day” conference was conducted online. During the online meeting, the participants focused on many topics related to the brain and memory — one of them was speech. This topic was introduced from several perspectives. First, the talk focused on the part of the brain, where the speech originates. Second, the conference participants asked the following question: how to take care of speech and how to save speech in case of brain damage. And last, but not least, the topic of speech was examined from the perspective of learning foreign languages.

There was also a discussion about speech and technology and that’s where our voice translators were mentioned. Then, we had an opportunity to present our company and our devices.

The presentation of our company

The presentation of Vasco Electronics concerned the topics such as the company’s structure, history and products. For instance, one slide of our presentation displayed a complete timeline of the voice translators we create — from the very first device that translates voice released in 2013, to the flagship Vasco Translator M3, released in 2020.

We also talked about the significant moments in the history of Vasco Electronics. For instance, we mentioned the openings of online stores in various countries and entering new markets, such as Japan. But, what’s also important is that we showcased what makes us truly special and unique in comparison to other voice translator producers.

We are the only electronic translator provided that offers free, lifetime and unlimited internet access for the purpose of translation, which runs in as many as 200 countries. Other producers put a limit on a SIM card with the internet access, meaning that after reaching the limit, it is necessary to buy a data package. Some producers don’t provide internet access for translation at all. The internet access is crucial when it comes to using either a translator app or a voice translator device. Having to use your own data means additional or hidden costs — no such thing with Vasco Translators.

What’s also important is that our devices work with as many as 10 translation engines, as opposed to other devices or translator apps which only have 1. Having multiple translation engines means, in our case, that the device chooses that one engine which provides the best translation for a given language pair — for instance, when translating from English to Spanish or from Arabic to Japanese. This is a significant feature, as it ensures that the translation accuracy is very high (96%, as a matter of fact) — it’s especially important in emergency situations, when there’s absolutely no room for misunderstandings.

Speak More Languages Now

What is more, Vasco translators provide instant translations to and from over 70 languages, offering a native-speaker-like pronunciation. You can definitely feel like a local, anywhere in the world.

A photo depicting Vasco Translator M3 alongside a notebook and a blue book.

About Brain Awareness Week

The “Healthy Brain and Memory Day” itself was a part of the Brain Awareness Week. It is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. The Brain Awareness Week takes place annually in mid-March and unites the efforts of numerous organizations from all over the world.

These organizations, who are called “partners”, host a variety of imaginative activities in their respective communities, whose goal is to share knowledge about the brain and illustrate how brain science impacts our daily lives. The partners are, for instance, universities, medical research facilities and schools, as well as corporations and even government agencies.

A graphic depicting the Brain Awareness Week logo

Source: Dana Foundation

Stay tuned for more events like that — there are more conferences, trade shows and technology fairs to come!

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