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Global Mobile Awards | GLOMO 2020

Beginning of 2020 has been truly successful for Vasco. We participated in one of our best trade shows in Las Vegas and while getting ready for another important event, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we were notified we’re shortlisted for the GLOMO Award (Best Connected Consumer Device category) and WE WON IT!


Our best selling, Vasco Mini 2 was described by the judges as: “Smart, specific product that understands its niche target market—this company has kept it simple and concentrated on making it work well, which are good working principles.”

Having spent years developing translation devices both for the public market and for various organizations, such as the military and hospitals, we are always happy when our hard work is recognized. Of course, the greatest achievement is always our own clients telling us what a difference having a Vasco translator makes in their travels, or professional life. Still, it’s nice to receive the awards to back up their claims!

The Vasco Mini 2 is a pocket-sized electronic translator capable of translating two-way conversations in 50+ different languages with a 96% accuracy. Connected to five different translation engines guarantees high accuracy. What makes Vasco Mini 2 so unique is its built-in SIM card that gives you free, unlimited internet for life in 150+ different countries. That means that translations are always free, wherever you go without hunting for wi-fi!

Thanks to the GSMA’s GLOMO Awards—it’s a great motivation for us!

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