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A photo showing Vasco Electronics booth at CES with the company representatives

Vasco Electronics at CES 2022

CES is one of the biggest technology fairs in the world. However, some said that the 2022 edition would be a huge disappointment, because many significant companies (for instance, Google) switched to virtual presence. Well, it wasn’t a disappointment. Between BMW showing its color-changing car, and Sony sharing details about their new PS VR2 headset for PS5, there were we, showcasing our revolutionary pocket translator devices, which enable you to freely speak and understand over 70 languages. CES 2022 definitely delivered, and Vasco Electronics contributed to this.

CES 2022 — highlights

Despite many companies switching to virtual presence due to the significant growth of COVID-19 cases in the USA, the 2022 edition of the biggest tech fair in the world was anything, but a disappointment. The event was full of exciting and intriguing innovations, many of which brought us a bit closer to the future we know from Sci-Fi movies. In addition to BMW presenting their color-changing car and the announcement from Sony, CES featured a variety of compelling products and intriguing commentaries.

For instance, Scanbo, an AI company from Vancouver, said it was working on a solution allowing glucose monitoring without the painful finger pricks. Also, VR and AR news clearly showed that this technology is getting better and better each passing year — and it’s worth noting that it’s been 10 years since the original Oculus Rift appeared on Kickstarter. What is more, Engineered Arts, a designer, and manufacturer of humanoid robots, wowed CES visitors by presenting Ameca — their new humanoid robot which can almost perfectly copy human facial expressions.

Participants could also have some fun driving Tesla through the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) loop. The attraction created by The Boring Company transported from 15 000 to 17 000 passengers around the Convention Center’s campus daily, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

But enough about other companies. Let’s now see what Vasco Translator M3 was doing in Las Vegas.

A photo of Vasco Translator M3 at the Nevada “high” desert

But visiting the picturesque Nevada desert wasn’t the only thing on the agenda…

Vasco Electronics at CES 2022

Speak More Languages Now

During CES 2022, we had an opportunity to present the revolutionary features of our Vasco Translator M3 to representatives of media from all over the world. The device attracted many tech journalists and regular participants who were interested in the way our cutting-edge technology works. In addition to all that, the representatives of our company spoke about Vasco Electronics in general, 2021 in our company and plans for future growth.

Let’s see what it all looked like:

A photo showing Vasco Electronics’ booth at the latest edition of CES Las Vegas

A photo showing Vasco Electronics booth at CES 2022 with the company’s CEO and media representatives

Vasco Electronics’ booth at CES 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Our real time translation device gives you the possibility to speak and understand over 70 languages. Also, we’re the only company whose devices come with a SIM card providing free, unlimited, and lifetime internet access for the purpose of translation in nearly 200 countries. Other manufacturers put a limit on their SIM cards — if you reach that limit, you have to pay for additional data packages. No additional costs with us.

See you next CES!

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