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After IFA 2019 Consumer Electronics Unlimited

Vasco Electronics took part in this year’s edition of IFA 2019 Berlin- Europe’s largest consumer electronics fair.


Visitors to Vasco Electronics’ booth had an opportunity to see Vasco Mini 2- the company’s flagship electronic voice translator. Capable of translating more than 50 languages, the device is equipped with a SIM-card offering the user lifetime unlimited internet-access for translations and displays
a 96 % translation accuracy. These features have earned Vasco Mini 2 recognition among
a broad group of users across the world. IFA 2019 Berlin also saw the translator enjoy huge popularity.

Another product presented by Vasco Electronics was Vasco Translator Neo. The brand new electronic translator is set to join the company’s product offer early next year. 



IFA 2019 Berlin was not only about watching and testing devices. Visitors also had the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and talk with the company’s CEO- Maciej Góralski. Our booth attracted hundreds of visitors, while our products met with considerable interest and received lots of positive reviews. 

Speak More Languages Now


Our electronic translator also caught the attention of the German news channel NTV and starred in their short, on-the-spot report.  The journalist talked about its features and benefits for the users especially the unlimited free Internet. The interview on NTV brought more attention to our stand including network TV Berlin24 and local tech magazines. Looks like our Mini 2 is enjoying its celebrity life right now! 

Thank you!

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